Business Solutions

Partnerships with businesses are coming soon. This will allow businesses to partner with LocoLingo by giving our users offerings such as gift cards, coupons, memberships and more that will bring them into your local business, resturaunt, bar, and any other type of local level or small business. We are working on developing systems where users will be rewarded with these types of offerings and will influence them to step right into your business. This will be the strongest platform for local and small businesses to engage young people to interact with their business. These partnerships will be comepletely free to the participating businesses, all they have to do is offer something that will attract our users whether it be a coupon, reward, promotion, or even a membership. The difference between giving out these rewards somewhere else is that our users will feel rewarded because they will purchases these offerings with points they get from actively using our app. What is better for a young person to get $5 off at Pizzahut because they were actively social networking? Nothing, right!

If you are a business owner, and want more information on this future platform submit your information into the form below and we will send you a document giving more information and put you on the list for potential future partnerships!

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