LocoLingo Ambassador Program For Students

LocoLingo is the app that connects campuses and local areas together! Are you an influential student who wants real-world work experience, money, connections, and the opportunity to join a fast-growing tech start-up? Then apply to become a LocoLingo ambassador and get all of those things!

Here's What You Get:

  • Real-world work experience within a fast growing tech start-up
  • Ability to request letters of reccomendation or help from our top executives
  • The opportunity to work closely with LocoLingo and get promoted to work full time with salary
  • The chance to win cash, giftcards and others from frequent ambassador only giveaways
  • The ability to list your ambassador position on resumes, social accounts, and linkedIn
  • The opportunity to collaborate with executives, employees, and other ambassadors for LocoLingo or non-LocoLingo things
Here's What You Will Do:

  • Post on your social media accounts to spread the word about LocoLingo
  • Help distribute flyers and other marketing assests to promote the app
  • Contribute in meetings and help plan ideas and marketing plans
  • Influence friends, peers, and fellow students to download LocoLingo
  • Actively use LocoLingo and influnce people to frequently use it as well
  • Create a positive image around LocoLingo and work to actively help the app grow and get new users